Tough as old boots

Phones today are far too fragile. We remember the days when you could drop your phone without worrying the screen'd shatter into a million little glass pieces. You could even drop them in a pint and, if you took out the battery and left them on a radiator for 24 hours, they'd sometimes make a full recovery.

If only it were like that now. But modern smartphones, though they do all the marvellous things we like, are about as tough as a Radiohead member in a fight. If only there were phones that combined the power of a smartphone with the toughness of an old-skool phone?

Well, rejoice! Because now there is one, and it comes from an unlikely source: Casio. Yes, the company that probably made your first digital watch (and maybe even the watch you're wearing now, if you're a hipster) has got into the phone business in a particular niche: tough phones. And its new Gz'One Commando (absurd, we know. We mean, really) is a lifeproof Android powerhouse.

It's so lifeproof, in fact, that Casio say it can sit in water for 30 minutes without being harmed. It can even withstand a dust storm, apparently.

But why would an adventurer need a namby-pamby smartphone? Well, Casio have been smart enough to include some funky adventure-y apps to show you why. There's a thermometer, star map, and guide to tides and phases of the moon. So you can know where you are, what stars you're looking at, and roughly what the date is! (Or you could just look at the clock.)

We think for a niche market this could be pretty cool, when it comes to the UK as it hopefully will later this year. But if you just want something you can drop every now and then without panicking, you'd be better off getting a regular smartphone and adding a decent case.

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