TouchPad: everything must go

Bargain alert! Only a few hours after HP dropped their bombshell news that they were discontinuing the TouchPad tablet - and considering selling off their whole consumer hardware business - HP issued instructions to retailers in the US telling them to sell off their stocks of TouchPads for just $99 each.

Radical stuff, and clearly not something HP's going to make any money on. But retailers were probably going to discount the stock anyway, so this way HP take the hit and don't annoy their precious retail partners.

We'd be pretty annoyed, of course, if we'd bought a TocuhPad for the full price - upwards of $500 - only for it to be slashed to a ridiculously low price. But to their credit, HP are clearly willing to spend some money to avoid hacking anyone off: they're offering previous TouchPad buyers money back so they'll effectively also have only paid $99.

What a bargain! A good, if flawed tablet for the price of a fancy meal out. There's just one problem: so far, there's no sign of the price slash coming to Europe. Where's the love, HP?

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