Touch my Palm

Well, everyone saw it coming, and now it's here. Well, it's not actually here yet, but it's definitely on its way. We've seen it.

What are we talking about? Why, the Palm tablet, of course. Or, to give it its official name, the HP Touchpad. Ever since the world's biggest PC company bought smartphone makers Palm last year geeks the world over have been salivating at the thought that Palm's sexy WebOS software would be paired with an iPad-style tablet PC. And now - lo, behold, etc - it has come to pass.

The TouchPad is a sexy beast, with a smooth curved shell, and just 13mm thick. (Depressing, isn't it, how our standards for beautiful tech have come to mirror our standards for beautiful people.) It has the same 9.7-in screen, 4:3 ratio and 1024x768 resolution as the iPad. It kinda looks like the iPad, too. But software-wise everything is different. WebOS looks gorgeous on a tablet, and its smooth multitasking looks like it'd be seriously helpful. However, Gizmodo did point out that it seems a little slow. But HP should have plenty of time to sort that out before the planned release in the summer.

So did Palm fans get everything they wanted? Kinda, but they paid a price: the death of the Palm name. Yes, one of the most iconic brands in portable tech is no more. HP webOS seems to be the brand that'll be used going forward. Still, if you pay over $1 billion for a company, you want to be able to slap your name on their products, right?

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