Total Annihilation free download, demo the full game!

The Total Annihilation free download isn't the full game version but it is a very lengthy demo that will help you decide on whether or not you should purchase it.

In Total Annihilation you will choose a side and take part in an ongoing battle between the Core and the Arm in the world of Cavedog. This is a truly epic story and well worth checking out especially if you are a fan of Real Time Strategy games.

The RTS genre remains as big as ever on the PC and this is basically down to the fact that they control so well with a keyboard and mouse. This point and click style way of commanding your army is a tried and tested method that still works as good today as it ever has.

Even though this game was released in 1997, Total Annihilation still has a huge following. This is because of great story telling and the fact that gameplay is absolutely rock solid even 14 years on.

While it is definitely a ways behind more modern games like Starcraft 2 it still has enough charm and action to keep you coming back for more. This is definitely one worth checking out and thanks to the 5 Star Shareware website (5star-shareware.com) you can grab a demo and get cracking.

It is always great when a game that is so old still stands up to the competition. Check out the Total Annihilation free download full game demo online and see if it still has enough bite to keep you entertained.


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