The newest Toshiba television range has hit the market

A Toshiba television is a very good option when deciding on buying a new plasma TV. The Japanese manufacturers are amongst the best in the world at delivering high class entertainment systems. They have recently launched a new range of LCD TV, known as the Regza range. This new range of television offers you everything that you could wish to find from a 21st century television. The stylish designs and stunning picture quality are just some of the reasons why you should consider a Toshiba Regza as your next television.

The Regza LV Series comes with full HD, built in freeview with 50 digital TV channels. This TV features 3 HDMI connections for easy connection Blu-ray players and USB connectivity allows you to connect your TV with a computer. Prices range from £349.95 for these models.

For the ultimate in 3D home entertainment, check out the Regza WL Series. A full HD 3D experience is offered which brings movies, sports and games to life in the comfort of your own home! This TV comes with integrated access to YouTube and BBC iPlayer so you can stream and view clips from the internet directly on your screen. DLNA technology allows you to play multimedia content directly from your PC or laptop. Prices are up to £1,399, available to buy online or in your local electrical store.

All of the Toshiba Regza range is available to view in greater detail or to buy on the Toshiba UK website which can be found at toshiba.co.uk.



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