A Toshiba television is perfect for any bedroom

If you were to purchase a Toshiba television, you would quickly discover why they are among the industry's leaders in pioneering high quality technology. Argos.co.uk has a large selection of Toshiba televisions for you to choose from. Using catalogue numbers, you can easily order your new TV which will be delivered to your door, free of charge.

If it is a small screen television for your bedroom that you are looking for, you should check out the Toshiba 19BV500B 19 Inch Widescreen HD Ready LCD TV. This TV includes a Freeview digital tuner where you can view dozens of free to air TV channels and digital radio stations. All your connectivity needs are catered for as there is a HDMI port, SCART connection and a PC input socket.

This television can be yours for only £119.99, which includes a staggering 20% off. You can order this at argos.co.uk using catalogue number 529/6390.

Another great television available is the Toshiba 22 Inch HD Ready LCD TV/DVD Combi. As this TV is HD Ready, it is able to display a HD feed from any HD source such as a Blu-ray player. With built-in Freeview, you can view up to 50 digital TV channels and 24 radio stations, free of charge. The built in DVD player will playback movie downloads, jpeg photos and mp3 music files as well as all your favourite DVDs. This television also has 2 HDMI sockets, 1 SCART connection and 1 USB port.

This TV/DVD Combi is currently selling on argos.co.uk for just £179.99, which is £50 cheaper than the RRP. For more information on these TV's or any other Toshiba television, visit the Argos website at argos.co.uk.

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