We review the Toshiba T130 11G 13.3 Widescreen Laptop

toshiba t130 11g 13.3 widescreen laptop

The Toshiba T130 11G 13.3 Widescreen Laptop is the latest in a long line of laptops from Toshiba that falls nicely in size between traditional laptops and the increasingly popular netbooks. With both keyboard and screen size a big factor for many people, this laptop is the ideal solution for those who want portability - but not to the extent that it means their new laptop is unpleasant to use.

Despite the fact that the 1.3GHz Intel Processor that comes as standard with the Toshiba T130 11G 13.3 isn't anywhere close to the standard we would expect in a modern day machine that isn't a netbook, the rest of the specs make up for it. With 3GB of RAM you're getting triple what you could expect from a netbook, as well as an impressive 250GB hard drive.

Battery life certainly won't be an issue given the fact that the battery with the Toshiba T130 11G 13.3 lasts as long as eleven hours (depending on usage). That's a phenomenal return for a single charge and has proven to be the deciding factor in purchasing this system for many.

This laptop comes with Windows 7 Home Premium as standard, so you'll have maximum compatibility with all the latest programs and applications. It also boasts WiFi connectivity right out of the box meaning no messing with drivers or buying WiFi adaptors is required.

For general purpose use this is a fine machine, but for anyone looking to run particularly powerful software you're probably better off looking elsewhere. It's best to view this as a netbook replacement rather than an all out laptop.

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