Toshiba lcd television, you know you want it!

AToshiba LCD makes television the experience that it should be. Step into a world of crystal clear picture, high contrast and HD glory! You know full well it's time to upgrade from the old 32 inch widescreen that takes up half the living room, to a new flatscreen LCD from Toshiba.

If you have already been searching the market and finding it hard to choose the best for you then let us help. There are two real top drawer Toshiba lcd televisions and we have all the details on them.

When you think LCD perfection the 32-inch Toshiba 32C100U LCD HDTV comes to mind. This television is one of the best-loved 32 inch models on the internet. So what makes it so good?

Well, several things. Thanks go to the CineSpeed LCD panel that allows for a wide viewing angle and the TV also uses Dynalight backlighting. The level of brightness and crispness that this backlight brings is phenomenal. This is a great lcd television and is definitely worth your consideration, especially at the starting price of only £400.

If you are willing to really fork out some cash then you can get a serious Toshiba lcd television. The Toshiba 46WX800U Cinema Series has 3D capabilities, is 46 inches of pure viewing perfection, and is LCD with LED edge lighting. That is one serious piece of kit.

The TV is true HD, boasting 1920x1080 (1080p) native pixel resolution. It has amazing refresh speeds so the picture remains perfect at all times with a 120hz refresh rate and 240hz Clearscan processing to be exact. It also has enough ports to shake a stick at so you can hook up your PC or any other external media source. This TV generally goes for about £1,500 so be sure to bring your cheque book!

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