We review the Toshiba L500 19x laptop

If you're trying to figure out which laptop is the best for you, you've no doubt found yourself overwhelmed by the huge amount of variety on offer right now. It can be tough to decide which laptop is the best for you based on just stats and statistics, so we try to do our bit by taking a look at some of the latest releases on the laptop market. Today we're going to be focussing on the Toshiba L500 19x laptop.

Weighing in at 2.72 Kg, this 15.6 inch laptop certainly won't be mistaken for a netbook by anyone any time soon! But does that mean it's got all the good stuff we need inside it to ensure that we have the power we need to carry out our day to day computing needs on the move?

The good news is that it's certainly got a lot of poke under the hood. Despite the fact that the main CPU is from the disappointing Intel Celeron range, namely the T3000 1.8 GHz processor, the L500 19x also boasts an impressive 4 GB of memory, a 500GB hard drive and Intel GMA 4500M graphics card, which should combine to take the sting out of the poor processor performance and click speed.

The bad news is that all this power comes at a cost - the battery life is nothing short of terrible! It's never a good sign when a laptop can only manage up to 150 minutes out of the box, but that's the case here. That means that the absolute best you're looking at from battery performance is two and a half hours. In reality you're more likely to get two hours under real life usage situations, and that's simply not good enough in this day and age.

Despite the fact that it handles Windows 7 Home Premium particularly well, we simply can't recommend the Toshiba L500 19x laptop on the basis of the hugely disappointing battery coupled with the slow Celeron processor. There are far better options on the market, and we recommend you take a look at them.

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