Tory fails to get it

There’s nothing more nauseating than a past-it politician being allowed uncritical column inches and a chance to dribble on about whatever they like without ever been asked to show any evidence of any kind.

Of course like any decent human being who isn’t from the countryside, the idea of the Conservative Party is enough to bring the hives out, but Ian Duncan Smith has to take the cake. Not only is he one of the lamest candidates for Prime Minister Britain has had for decades he is now advising the highest ranks of the Tory opposition on ‘compassionate Conservatism.' This includes chucking out wild moralising nuggets of cod-philosophy regarding ‘family breakdown’ and other social ills, without addressing the economic problems that underpin all of them.

So why is he on DigitalEdge? Because like everyone other self-serving politician video games aren’t far from his list of the causes of societal ills. Childhood innocence is being taken away by pixels. ‘We are driving children to lose their childhood, and some video games are incredibly violent, like Grand Theft Auto,’ he said. ‘They are meant to be 18 but nobody cares what it says on the label.’ Maybe if the Tories hadn’t sold off huge numbers of playing fields during their 18-year reign of terror kids wouldn’t feel the need to sit indoors and play games so much. Or maybe show a serious academic study that shows video games warp children. What do you reckon Ian?

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