Toronto mayor refuses to resign as video of him smoking crack finally emerges

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When a politician is caught up in any type of scandal, the first response is to deny, deny and then deny again and fight off accusations and then refuse to quit, like Toronto’s mayor Rob Ford, even if a damning video is now in the hands of the police.

The story of the Rob Ford hit the headlines when two media outlets alleged that the Toronto mayor had been caught on video while smoking a crack pipe.

The Gawkerwebsite, who was one of the outlets - besides the Toronto Star newspaper - even took to Crowdfunding last May in an online campaign to to raise $200,000 in order to buy the video of Toronto’s mayor smoking crack, instead the video in question has already been found by the police.

The video was recovered from deleted files on a computer hard drive that was seized while conducting the “Project Traveller” raid regarding drug and gun trafficking which also included Alexander Lisi, a friend and sometimes driver who is suspected of providing Ford with the drugs.

Toronto Police Chief William Blair toldreporters that a video was discovered in connection with the investigation, he did not describe its contents, but did say that the video "contained video images which appear to be those video images previously reported in the press".

Mr. Ford, has vehemently denied smoking crack and previously claimed that the video didn’t exist and he has "no reason" to resign from office.

"I wish I could come out and defend myself. Unfortunately, I can't because it's before the courts and that's all I can say right now," Ford told CNN affiliate CBC News.

Police have not filed criminal charges against Mayor Ford because the video did not provide grounds to press charges, unlike what happened to former Detroit mayor Marion Barry in 1990, when he was videotaped smoking crack cocaine and arrested by FBI officials on drug charges and later served six months in a federal prison.

Ford was elected mayor in 2010, and insists he will run again when his term expires next year, but that could all change when Alexander Lisi, goes to trial on drug and extortion charges, and the tape could be shown in court.

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