Topic of the week, real breasts best for UK men

Just as the new Big Book of Breasts hits our shelves, More magazine brings out what was probably an incredibly taxing survey on the kind of breasts men in the UK prefer.

And, hit me on the head with a cold wet kipper, it turns out British men, when asked to choose, would prefer their women with natural mammaries rather than opting for the cosmetically enhanced cartoon look as sported by Jordan and Pamela Anderson. In fact a staggering 85% of you said fake boobs were an absolute turn off.

So, it seems the media is turning against the cosmetically enhanced image of the ideal woman it has been so quick to celebrate in the past few years. Interesting. By the way boys, WebTwitcher approves entirely of your new hottie of choice, also revealed in the survey. Woody Allen's muse, Scarlett Johansson. Classy lady!

For those interested in further study on the Big Book of Breasts, a visit to the excellent Brandish blog will give you a sneak preview of what's inside...quite rightly giving it a "coffee table top warning", in case you were thinking of replacing the current issue of the Earth from the Air, the exhibition of which is currently touring the UK.


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