Top YouTube earners in 2013

Since it was purchased by Google in 2006 for around $1.65 million, YouTube has continued to be one of the world's most accessed websites. Its blend of music videos, online blogging, movie clips, educational films and spoofs has made it phenominally popular. So what were the top YouTube earners of 2013?

The top 5 YouTube earners of 2013

It is hardly suprising that the top YouTube earners of 2013 were heavily slanted towards comedy and light entertainment. YouTube is most heavily subscribed by an online audience who want to chill, listen to music or have their ribs tickled.


Earning an estimated $146,000 per year, Fred has been awarded his own television show. The brainchild of teenager Lucas Cruikshank, Fred is a youth with 'anger management' issues and a dysfunctional home life, whose helium-voiced histrionics have earned him a vast online fanbase.

Niga Higa

Japanese American Ryan Higa is responsible for a steady output of comedy videos, earning him a reputed $151,000 in 2013.

Phillip De Franco

De Franco is a blogger who has used YouTube to terrific effect in promoting himself to celebrity status. Focussing on current affairs and topical entertainment stories, his opinions are lapped up by his legions of subscribers. In 2013 he earned around $181,000.

Real Annoying Orange

This comedy series centre around a bunch of animated fruits with superimposed human mouths. Annoying these comedy sketches may be to anyone over the age of five, nevertheless they generated over $288,000 this year.

Shane Dawson

This 25-year-old Californian was the top YouTube earner for 2013. His comedic talents stretch to impersonating everyone from Paris Hilton to Miley Cyrus, alongside his own comedy characters such as Ned the Nerd and Aunt Hilda. His heavily-subscribed YouTube comedy channel was worth about $315,000 in 2013.

YouTube high-earners worth an honourable mention

Other top YouTube earners in 2013 included Young Turks, an internet talk show. This was the world's first news show to be broadcast exclusively online, and is also the largest online news show. The Young Turks averages 18 million views every month.

Smosh, the YouTube show featuring comedy duo Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla, currently boasts 2.8 billion video views.

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