Top websites to make money online fast

Making money online can either lead to permanently working from home or it could simply add a little extra money to your monthly income. Everyone’s clambering for work with the top websites to make money online fast so we’ll outline those and a few you might not have heard of.


If you’d like to get paid to Google, check out Qmee. Registering with qmee.com opens you up to the chance to earn money passively. You download an app that sits in your browser and allow it to collect data about your browsing habits while you search the web. Apart from the add-on in your browser, you’ll also see adverts generated by Qmee. These adverts provide cash as Qmee share the revenue with them. You won’t earn a lot but you’ll earn something for nothing.

Gift Hunter Club

This is a site that isn’t so regularly featured in posts like this but it’s also one that will make you decent money. You have to be a little more active with this site as you earn from watching videos, completing polls and entering competitions. Your earnings are paid through PayPal or passed on in the form of a voucher. Head to gifthunterclub.com to register.

Enter contests

Some hard working and very lucky internet users actually make money by entering competitions online. Websites that give an online presence for premium TV channels are the best ones to enter through as their prizes are normally very good. Like any game, you win and you lose but the loses aren’t recording in cash, they’re recording in time spent. If you can complete the applications forms efficiently enough, you can make this worth your while.


You might also like to consider posting something on YouTube. If you can make even a fraction of the money earned by the world's top YouTubers, you'll be minted.

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