Top UK websites of 2007

You know those incredibly annoying TV ads where slightly manic twentysomething actors repeat a web address three hundred times in the vain hope that you’ll remember it? “I was tearing my hair out looking for a great value stripy horse service until I found cheapzebras.com. It’s easy at cheapzebras.com. cheapzebras.com will search hundreds of game reserves for you…. cheapzebras.com? That’s right, cheapzebras.com …”

Well, it seems that those sites are actually doing well. Audience measurement agency Nielsen NetRatings has released its figures for 2007’s top UK websites, and the fastest-growing was price comparison service BeatThatQuote.com, which increased its traffic by 1,165% in the course of the year. So expect to be seeing a lot more of those adverts.

Oh, and if you can’t guess the most-trafficked site, which had an average of 26 million users a month, you’re never allowed to search the web again.

(Image: from Danny Sullivan’s flickr stream)

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