Top Ten Reasons to Shop on Amazon

Over the past decade Amazon has developed a customer base of around 30 million users. But for anyone new to the web, or to shopping online, what are the top ten reasons to go to Amazon?

1. Convenience

Shopping online is often more convenient than shopping in a mall or shopping arcade. Although a lot of supermarkets now offer 24 hour shopping, nothing is as convenient as shopping from the comfort of your home any hour of the day.

2. Monitoring Prices with Ease

Shopping online with Amazon allows you to monitor prices with ease. All you have to do is put your favourite items into the shopping cart and if the price of the items in your cart increases or decreases you will get a message to inform you.

3. Good Returns Process

Amazon makes returning items easy. If you need to return an item, the Online Returns Centre makes it easy.

4. Helpful Customer Reviews

The customer reviews can be of assistance. In general you should pay the most attention to 3 star reviews as this is the middle of the range. Reviews with a higher star rating could be from overly enthusiastic fans of a product and those of a lower rating could be from buyers with unrealistic expectations.

5. Free Super Saver Shipping

With the recent increase in postage costs, the free super saver shipping option is a must. In the UK, all items are eligible except gift certificates and items purchased from third-party sellers on Amazon.co.uk Marketplace.

6. Wider Selection Than Shops

This is the most obvious reason to shop online. With a wider selection than comparable retailers you get more choice.

7. Easy to Navigate

The site is very easy to navigate. You can search the site through a search field or by department. If you find something you like, you can add it to your wishlist.

8. Perfect Way to Shop In Secret

Shopping on Amazon is the perfect way to shop for a loved one in secret. You can have access to your loved one’s wishlist, so you can buy them something they truly want.

9. Personalised Recommendations

Personalised recommendations are based on your purchases, any titles you have rated and your Top Sellers ratings, so you can be sure that the new items recommended will be of interest to you.

10. Great Prices

Ultimately this is what people shop online for. Add great prices to the other conveniences here and it's not difficult to understand why Amazon is one of the internet's leading companies.

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