Top Gears Hamster accident, blog world shock

If looking at the number of blogs covering stories about Richard Hammond is anything to go by, the shocking news of Top Gear's beloved Hamster accident has affected even those uninterested in the auto world. Top Gear - whether you love it or hate it - has a quintessentially British streak to it. Often accused of everything from global warming to the fall of Rover, the programme's fascination with speed is the modern day equivalent of "those magnificent men in their flying machines".

If you've not seen the story yet, Sky News and Excite UK News will both give you the lowdown. Richard was trying to break the current land speed record in a Vampire Jet Car.

WebTwitcher's thoughts are with Richard and his family - as are the thoughts of the blogsphere. Tributes are arriving in their droves - My Rambling Thoughts sums up well, and Daimnation has a good overview.


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