Play Top Gear Turbo Challenge online game

The Top Gear Turbo challenge online game is actually originally designed as a kids' game. There is easily a few minutes of fun here for adults too though so don't be put off. They are basically a collection of mini games, games that you can just play for a few minutes and then move back to whatever important thing you should be doing.

Top Gear Touring Challenge: This is basically a crude mock 3D style racer where you race around famous tracks as either Hammond, May, Clarkson or The Stig. Simple left and right controls with forward to accelerate and back to decelerate, this game is a few minutes of fun and well worth a look.

Slot Car Challenge: The Slot Car Challenge is a top down racing game with just one button to control your speed. It is along the lines of a real slot car track where all your really need to do is control the speeds around the corners. Again there isn't much too it but it's great for running down the clock to the end of the day.

The Train Challenge: This takes the classic game Spy Hunter and throws in a little Top Gear flare. This is probably the best of the bunch as far as gameplay goes. It is the closest thing to a real game so you might find yourself spending a little too much time on this one trying to beat your high scores.

The Top Gear Turbo challenge online game offers lots of little ways to kill time if you are bored. Be sure to check them out on the Top Gear Turbo (topgearturbo.com) website, you might be surprised with how much fun you can get out of these mini games.


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