Do you want to play Top Gear Turbo Challenge games online?

The first way to get access to the Top Gear Turbo Challenge games online is by subscribing to the turbo challenge magazine.  The magazine comes with collectable cards, and these cards have codes on them that must be used to unlock the games on the site turbochallenge.com.

The first issue comes at a cost of £1.50, and thereafter you'll be charged £5.00 for two issues that will be sent together every four weeks. Subscribers also get some great free gifts as incentives to register, and these include free stationary sets, a free binder for the magazines, four packs of trading cards with the first delivery (think of all the games you could unlock!), a top gear rucksack and beanie. These gifts are delivered one at a time with each delivery so you'll have a free gift to look forward to with each of the first five deliveries.

The second way to play a top gear turbo challenge game online is to visit hypegames.com, since the site has the Top Gear Mazda challenge game to play for free. This is just one of the Top Gear games, but once you've tried this you should have a good idea whether you'd like to subscribe to play the official games. You should be able to play the game without having to register, and no download is required.

With these two options you should be able to get a taste of the Top Gear Turbo Challenge games, and if you really like it, try subscribing to the magazine to get access to all of the games.


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