Top 3 eReaders

The way we read has dramatically changed in the last few years. Electronic books seem to be omnipresent and they are already selling better than traditional books. Here is some information about the top eReaders on the market. You should choose one according to your needs and the way you prefer to read your favourite books.

Amazon Kindle

One of the top eReaders is the Amazon Kindle. Developed by Amazon, this ebook reader offers you access to the world’s largest library of e-books. Priced at £89, the reader had a 6 inch screen and weighs just 170 grams. A feature that makes the Kindle so popular is the advanced E Ink display, which literally reads like paper. You will not feel the slightest fatigue in your eyes regardless of how much you read. The Amazon Kindle features a built-in Wi-Fi system, which allows you to browse for books in the Amazon library and download them in less than a minute.

Sony Reader

Unlike the Amazon Kindle, the Sony reader features a touchscreen display, but it lacks the integrated wireless feature. This reader has a storage capacity of 2 GB and you can choose to expand its memory by adding an SD card. The Sony Reader allows you to listen to music while reading and it features a stylus that is useful for making notes. As for the display, the Sony eReader competes with the Amazon Kindle by the implementation of the E Ink Pearl Panel, which reads similarly to traditional books. The reader also features a very useful zooming effect into complex PDFs.

Nook Color

The Nook Color is one of the top colour eReaders available on the market. The reader features a 7-inch touchscreen display that is especially designed for reading colour books, newspapers and magazines. The screen resolution is 1024 x 600 and it does not feature an e-ink technology, which makes it more similar to a tablet.

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