Just what is the top broadband for value?

Trying to figure out which is the top broadband package for value and service? We've checked around, and for us, the best value offered on the market currently comes in the shape of BT's various broadband packages. Let's have a closer look at what's on offer.

Before we even get down to the nuts and bolts of the prices. Subscribers to BT's packages enjoy a plethora of fantastic extras. For starters, you'll have FREE access to unlimited Wi-Fi broadband at over 2 million public hotspots, no matter where you are in the UK. You can also use any device you like to access the internet.

You'll also have access to BT's pioneering "Infinity Fibre Broadband" line. It's their new fibre optic superfast broadband, giving you eye-watering download speeds of up to 40Mb. Download limits on these packages are also extremely generous, so you won't fall foul of data charges!

So, what about the prices? BT's most basic package, "Broadband and Evening and Weekend Calls" comes out at just £13 per month. For this money you get quite a lot. Up to 20 MB download speed, 10GB of usage per month, and free evening and weekend calls. Perfect for the light browser!

If you want to do some heavy duty downloading, then check out the "unlimited Broadband and Calls" package for £28 per month. This deal gives you up to 20 MB download speed, unlimited internet allowance, and free anytime calls. Perfect blend of calls and internet for your hard earned money!


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