The top five UK Broadband companies

With more companies than ever now offering broadband packages it can be difficult to know which broadband is best for you. Some packages are great value for money with cheap installation fees and monthly subscription, whilst others provide faster speeds and better customer service. Here's a list of the top five broadband providers in the UK at the moment, taking price, quality, speed and support into consideration:

Plusnet - Plusnet has recently emerged on the market as a member of the BT group. You need a BT landline to use Plusnet, but most packages also come with free evening and weekend calls at £3.24 per month for the first 12 months (moving up to £6.49 after the initial 12 month period). The £3.34 package comes with a free wireless router with up to 20mbps speed and 10GB of download per month.

Tesco Broadband - Tesco Broadband offers 20mbps speed with inclusive free evening and weekend calls at just £8 per month (with four months free for exclusive promotions and offers). Download capacity is unlimited but subject to fair usage policy.

Virgin Media - You don't need a BT landline to install Virgin Media because it uses fibre optic cables to connect users to the internet. Speeds for Virgin Media vary, but it's generally assumed to be the "fastest broadband" in the UK depending on location. Packages start from £5 per month (10mbps) to £35 per month (100mbps) for new customers, plus a £12.99 fee for Virgin line rental.

Sky Broadband - You can install a BT landline through Sky for around £60 when you buy Sky Broadband and line rental, rather than paying over £100 to have your line installed by BT. Packages and prices vary but usually start from £10 per month at 20mbps.

TalkTalk - TalkTalk is available for £6.99 per month and includes download capacity of 40GB, 24mbps speed and a free wireless router with the package. Other options are available, such as purchasing free evening and weekend calls when you take out a line rental or upgrading to faster broadband.

The top five providers listed here may not be ideal for you, as the best broadband is really down to what you're looking for from your service provider. You should always check out the company website before purchasing to look for any offers, small print information or additional charges (i.e., line rental fees) before deciding on the best broadband package.


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