Our favourite broadband bundle

If you want to save money on your broadband package, then perhaps you should look at bundling your broadband with either TV or a phone line? If you're interested in bundling, then we've got some great news for you, Sky Broadband are offering some fantastic packages.

Sky have been providing quality TV for 20 years, but are relative newcomers to the broadband scene. However, this doesn't mean their packages don't offer outstanding value! In this blog we'll be showing you how you can save money on your broadband by going with a Sky bundle.

If you want to bundle Sky TV with broadband and free calls, then you'll get up to 20 MB download speeds. 2 GB of monthly download allowance, free evening and weekend calls, a free Sky Wireless router (worth £50), Sky's 24/7 technical support, and a free Three month trial of McAfee Internet Security. This package is 7.50 pounds per month on top of your Sky package.

For just £11.25 a month, you can bundle (on top of your regular Sky subscription), Broadband Everyday Lite with Calls. Under this package, you'll get up to 20 MB download allowance, 2 GB of monthly allowance, free three month trial of McAfee Internet security, and free evening and weekend calls in the UK.

If you think 2 GB of data allowance is a little poor, then for £18.75, you can get pretty much the same bundle, except the download cap is non existent, perfect for heavy downloaders!

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