We give you our top Blu-Ray players of 2011 so far

The maturation of the Blu-Ray player market in recent times has resulted in a huge decrease in the cost of Blu-Ray capable devices. This is great news for consumers across the world, as well as movie studios who have seen the sales of Blu-Ray releases soar in the past 18 months.

With many people still clinging on to their trusty old DVD players, now seemed like a great time to give you a quick run down on the top Blu-Ray players of 2011 so far - maybe we can convince you to take the plunge and consign that DVD player to the annals of history where it belongs!

Depending on how picky you are about your home entertainment, the cost of a Blu-Ray player for your home can range from as little as £70-80 to astronomical figures close to the £1,000 mark. We're going to focus on those of you with a more realistic budget for this article, sorry to disappoint all you millionaires out there!

When you a buy a Blu-Ray player, what you're paying for tends to be additional features rather than simply the ability to play the latest Blu-Ray releases. Unlike DVD players which did little more than let you watch movies, Blu-Ray players come at a time where everything needs to be multi-functional to stand out from the crowd. This has seen a huge increase in the number of Blu-Ray players that offer games, applications or even the ability to browse the internet from your TV using your home's WiFi connection!

No doubt this sounds a little outlandish to some of you, but for others it can make or break a sale! Keeping this in mind, we quite like the look of the LG BD390, a Blu-Ray player that offers full WiFi functionality on top of its excellent picture and sound quality.

You might also take a look at the Sony BDP-N460. This excellent player performs admirably against some of the far more expensive models on the market, for just a fraction of the price!

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