Top 5 Super Mario Bros cheats for Wii

Super Mario Bros on the Wii is incredibly addictive and good fun. But although it's a great game, like every Mario game there will be a level that leaves you wanting to smash the controller! If you need some extra help here are the top 5 Super Mario Bros cheats and tips for the Wii.

Top 5 Super Mario Bros cheats for the Wii

1. In level 2-3, you can get as many lives as you want. There is a staircase and a koopa walking down. Stand on the third step and as the koopa steps from the fourth to the third, jump. If you time it right Mario will continue jumping and the lives will keep going up.

2. In level 7-4 there is another opportunity for levelling up. When you reach the point where there are two tunnels to take with arrows pointing at them, go up the one on the right. When you go through you will see a load of bullet bills on the left. Keep jumping on the bullets and the lives will keep going up (requires a little skill).

3. You can also get a hatless Mario, which won't help you in the game but still looks pretty cool. Pass a level with 99 lives and you can continue the game without his hat.

4. If you are really stuck, intentionally fail a level 8 times and a super guide will appear next time you try it. Luigi will do the level for you while you watch.

5. In levels that you can be attacked from above, get extra protection by standing in front of a small item, pressing 1 and shaking the controller. Mario will hold it above his head for extra protection.

Mario Bros on the Wii is a great game and there is no shame in needing help. However in our opinion you shouldn’t use the super guide cheat if you can avoid it, because there's no fun in getting someone else to pass a level for you! There is more help available than that listed in these top 5 Super Mario Bros cheats for Wii, but some of the fun comes from finding them yourself.

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