Top 5 Super Mario Bros cheats for the DS

Mario has been with us since 1981, when he made his debut in Donkey Kong, and he'll hopefully be with us for a long time yet. The games he has appeared in can be addictive and sometimes frustrating when you get to a level that you cannot pass, and sometimes you need a little extra help. Here are the top 5 Super Mario Bros cheats for the DS.

Top 5 Super Mario Bros cheats for the DS

1. Infinite lives come in handy, especially when you get to a level that makes you want to pull your hair out! Simply go to level 2-4 and near the end of the level there is a stair case and a koopa walking down. Stand on the first step and wait for the koopa to reach the step above you, then jump. If you time the jump right you will keep jumping on him and collecting lives. Just sit back and watch your lives go up.

2. If you are a bigger fan of Luigi than Mario you can play the game as Luigi. When you are on the select a file screen, hold L and R and press A while you have highlighted a file.

3. If you cannot time the infinite lives cheat right, there is an easier way to get easy lives in level 1-1. When you get the mega mushroom, run as fast as you can to the flag pole. If you do you will get 5 lives. Keep repeating until you have as many lives as you want.

4. To warp straight from world 1 to world 5, when you get to the tunnel in world 1, look for the tower that shoots you in the air. On the way down go through the gold door then use the blue shell and break the wall to the right and the blocks blocking the tunnel on the right.

5. To activate secret challenge mode, complete the game and reload it. On the world map enter LRLRXXYY and that will unlock challenge mode.

If you are struggling at any point in the game these top 5 Super Mario Bros cheats for the DS will help you out - don't consider them cheats, consider them a little help along the way! There are plenty of other cheats and tips available online if you need them.

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