Top 5 Pokemon Black and White cheats for DS

So, you want to become Pokemon Master? Get ready to collect, train and battle the most powerful Pokemon teams for the chance to earn the title of Champion Master. Arm yourself with the right gameplay tools and skills if you want to overcome Pokemon challenges. The top 5 Pokemon Black and White cheats for DS will give you the tools you need to become the best.

Pokemon Black/White cheats

Use these top 5 Pokemon Black and White cheats for Nintendo DS to collect all 493 Pokémon, win many ribbons, train the perfect Pokémon and ultimately become Pokemon Master!

1. Get the Amulet Coin

Get the Amulet Coin to increase your money reserves in the game. Unit the three dancers in Castelia City. Locate and defeat the first dancer at the fountain and then find the other two dancers. One of the other dancers is in Unity Pier and the other on Narrow Street. Defeat both dancers and then talk to each of them. Head back to the fountain and talk to the first dancer. The dancer in the middle will give you the Amulet coin.

2. Buy cheap recovery items

Go to Driftveil City market to buy highly discounted recovery items and medical herbs, including Energy Root, Energy Powder, Revival Herb and Heal Powder. Heal Powder, for example, costs 450 PokeDollars and is equivalent to a 600 PokeDollars Full Heal that heals any status problems of a Pokemon. Energy Root costs 800 PokeDollars in Driftveil City and is equivalent to a 1,200 PokeDollars Hyper Potion.

3. Use the Relocator Option

While still in Castelia City, head over to the Name-Rater Services Building on the second floor and talk to the scientist you will find there. The scientitst will inform you about a special machine called a Relocator. The Relocator can be used to transfer the Legendary Trio (Suicune Raikou and Entei) and Celebi. Enter the secret password “Everyone Happy” followed by “Simple Connection” and then save the game to access the Relocator option. The Relocator Option can also help you get the last TM - TM95 Snarl.

4. Unlock National Dex

Battle the Elite Four, defeat them and quickly get out of the house as soon as your credits have completed. Professor Juniper's father will unlock the National Dex and upgrade your Pokedex to the National Dex.

5. Catch Pokemon in a different seasons

If you would like to catch Pokemon that appear in different seasons without having to wait for the season to change, adjust your DS system date settings to the month that corresponds to the season the Pokemon appear. Now you have season control and you can go to any zone and catch Pokemon off season.

There you have it – top 5 Pokemon Black and White cheats for Nintendo DS that can help you achieve the ellusive Champion Master title.

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