Top 5 men who shaped the Eighties

Heroes from a long forgotten era, where hair was mullet-shaped and cars could be constructed from lightbulbs and a piece of string. Reader, the 80s for many is a decade to be swiftly swept between the garish 70s and the brand bombshelled 90s. Not so at WebTwitcher Towers. The webworld refuses to let this decade sleep, resurrecting from time to time its once loved stars of screen and stage.

Following recent Hoff mania in the UK, WebTwitcher has conducted a by-no-means conclusive or reliable survey of the top 5 men who have shaped a decade. Chosen for their wit, their style, their ability to push boundaries and challenge the system. So who are they? Allow me to present:

#1: Storming in at number one and a clear WebTwitcher winner is the ladies' favourite handyman, MacGyver. Stunning, and useful to have round the house.

#2: Running up the rear in close second place for the hairdos alone is singer/actor/overall eighties God Jon Bon Jovi. Talented and catchy tunes. Who's not armchair rocked to You Give Love a Bad Name?

#3: In third place, the man currently receiving a whole lot of web love, none other than Mr. T. Treat your mother right, fool!

#4: No top 5 would be complete without an honourary mention to the God of metal and biter of bat heads, Ozzy Osbourne.

#5: And creeping in to claim the final place? Only just made the charts by a few years, the teenage heartthrob and star of bedroom posters world over, Jason Donovan (WebTwitcher had the album, Ten Good Reasons, on cassette. Please don't hold this against me, it was a musical masterpiece.)


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