Check out our top 10 mobile phones right now

Buying a mobile phone can be a tough job these days, especially given all the choice available out there. In order to make your job a little easier though, we have compiled this list of our top 10 mobile phones right now. Hopefully it'll give you some great ideas as to what your next purchase should be!

10). Motorola Flipout MB511This handset is one of the most unique available on the market right now. Shipping with Android 2.2, this miniature phone stands out from the crowd thanks to its interesting flip screen capabilities. Available starting from amazon.co.uk for just £123, it's a great phone at a great price.

09). HTC Wildfire SHTC are making a real name for themselves lately and the Wildfire S is another shining example of just why they're top of the class on the Android front right now. Available brand new and unlocked for just £184.99 at amazon.co.uk.

08). Blackberry Curve 8520It might not be the most recent Blackberry, but the Curve 8520 is a fantastic handset that will allow you to stay in touch with all your friends for a bargain price of just £147.44 SIM free on amazon.co.uk.

07). Samsung S3350 Chat 335Okay, so it's not got the same bells and whistles as the other phones mentioned, but for just £87.99 SIM free at amazon.co.uk, you'll not find a better handset for the price! Perfect for younger users or those of you on a tight budget.

06). Samsung I9100 Galaxy S IIThis is purely for the tech freaks among you, costing £459.00 new, but you'll certainly be getting your money's worth if high tech, top of the range mobile technology is what you're after!

05). HTC Desire HDAnother entry from HTC, the Desire HD follows up the excellent Desire, and offers everything you could possible want from a phone. Costing £345.11 SIM free, it might be a stretch for many though.

04). Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 MiniThis credit card sized smartphone packs a real punch, especially for just £130 from amazon.co.uk, but for those of you with bigger than average fingers, it might prove to be too tight a squeeze at times!

03). Samsung S5830 Galaxy AceSamsung are another company who have really upped the ante of late, and their Galaxy Ace represents much better value than the I9100 for regular users among us at just £212.50 from amazon.co.uk.

02). Apple iPhone 4What's to say about the iPhone that hasn't already been said? It's one of the most significant advances of technology of all time, and it has changed the face of phones forever.

01). Sony Xperia PlayWhat's not to love, it's a PlayStation AND a smartphone rolled into one - although at £343.49 brand new it's not exactly cheap... but since when has that ever stopped you?

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