Top 10 Japanese gadgets

In our voyages through cyberspace we often come across collections of gadgets and gizmos. And Japan provides more than its fair share of the crap on final reduction. However, in a recent foray into t’Internet’s vast boondocks, we came across a little pearl among all the other… stuff.

In this Top 10 of Japanese gadgets there are some real crackers. Although not at all digital or techie, we do like the sauce-dispensing chopsticks. For anyone serious about sashimi, they’re a must. We’re not sure about the robot arm that’s controlled by human thoughts, though. With men thinking about sex every 11 seconds, or so, things could get out of hand – or rather in mechanical hands – rather quickly.

Now, where’ that WD40 gone?

(Image: from lepasava’s flickr stream)

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