We look at the top 10 Blu Ray players in the UK right now

Based on the findings of the Independent newspaper's survey into the buying habits of the general public of the United Kingdom when it comes to Blu Ray players, we have compiled this list of the top 10 Blu Ray players in the UK - hopefully there'll be something here for you!

Sony BDP S550 - This superb little unit offers the same XMB (Cross Media Bar) as seen on the popular PlayStation 3 console, making for intuitive use at all times. It may not have the online integration of other models, but it certainly does the job of delivering top quality HD entertainment onto your big screen very well.

Sharp BD HP21H - Pitched as being environmentally friendly due to its low power consumption, this player also features a nifty quick start mode which means that the days of waiting for the device to boot are a thing of the past.

Samsung BD P4600 - One of the slickest looking Blu Ray players on the market, the Samsung BD P4600 is also one of the quickest players we have ever come across. We definitely recommend this to the style conscious among you!

Dune BD Prime - Certainly not one of the cheapest options on this list, in fact it costs twice as much as anything else we've mentioned so far, but it's got full internet integration and even goes so far as to allow you to download from your favourite BitTorrent sites straight to any hard drive connected to the device.

Panasonic DMP B15 - Not only is this a Blu Ray player, but it's also got its own screen, making it the number one portable Blu Ray compatible device on the market. You can also browse the latest YouTube videos via your TV thanks to its solid web integration.

Sony PlayStation 3 - It may be best known as a video game console, but the PlayStation 3 also offers cutting edge Blu Ray technology for gamers and movie buffs alike. Thanks to the fact that it can be updated regularly by Sony, you can always be sure that you're going to be able to watch the latest Blu Ray movies without any complications. It also supports 3D Blu Ray.

Yamaha BD S2900 - Another pricey one, this Yamaha device has one of the best quality video outputs we have ever come across in any format, making it ideal for those of you with larger TVs or projector units in your home.

Panasonic DMP BD 60 EK B - It might have a ridiculously long name, but it certainly worth the effort thanks to its great price, picture quality and online features.

Pioneer BDP LX91 - When you buy Pioneer you know you're getting quality, and that's certainly the case here. This behemoth features absolutely everything you could imagine from a 21st century home entertainment device.

LG BD370 - With an affordable price tag, the LG BD370 offers everything you'd expect to find in a device twice the price, further cementing LG's growing reputation for us.

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