Save on toothbrushes at Morrisons

Currently ranked as the United Kingdom's fourth biggest retailer of food and groceries, with a total of 403 stores nationwide, Morrisons has gone from strength-to-strength in recent years despite facing increased competition from overseas retailers.

It is estimated that a total of 9 million customers pass through their doors on a weekly basis to be served by the 124,000 diligent employees whose job it is to ensure that they receive the care and attention they have come to expect from the supermarket chain.

Morrisons began from more humble beginnings, with the first ever outlet being a simple stall in Bradford Market in 1899, from which William Morrison sold butter and eggs. Growth was relatively slow up until 1958 when the company made the switch from stalls to stores, with the first opening in Bradford town centre in 1958.

Increased growth followed at speed, and soon the first supermarket in the chain opened in 1961, again in Bradford. Since the 1967 floating of Morrisons on the public exchange, it has really gone from strength to strength.

It would be impossible not to admire not only the success of the company, but the way they achieved it, relying on organic growth and top quality service to ensure that the needs of the consumer were met at all times. Even today it is the level of service that sets Morrisons aside from most, enabling them to offer customers the very best prices on a day to day basis.

But nowadays it's not just food that Morrisons sells; they also carry a range of toiletries and cosmetics. The range of toothbrushes Morrisons carry may not be quite as large as you'd find elsewhere, but their prices simply won't be beaten.

Their top bargain at the moment is two Aquafresh 3 Way Head, Tooth and Tongue toothbrushes for the insanely low price of just £2.55, that's a 50% saving on the prices found anywhere else!

With new offers being added daily, you can keep an eye on their website at www.morrisons.co.uk.

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