Too many twits make tw@t

Twitter has become the internet phenomenon of the last year or so. Everyone seems to be on it, from people pretending to by Phil Spector to big time celebs and politicians. Well some politicians anyway; Tory leader David Cameron isn’t on it, and thinks that you’re probably a twat if you are.

Terrible radio host Christian O’Connell invited the toff down to his studios at Absolute Radio so he could appear down with the landfill indie kids and pretend to like The View, and during the course of the pally-wally interview, tricky questions about Twitter popped up, to which Cameron said ‘it’s too instantaneous... too many twits might make a twat.’ Tweets Tory boy, tweets.

Anyway, expect the news to be buzzing with Cameron engaging, telling it how he sees it and not trying to please everyone, yada yada yada, all the while paying people lots of money to do polling and conduct focus group surveys. The tw.....

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