Tony's last day in the office and Gordon's Twittering

Reading in today's Guardian it looks like Tony Blair has his hands full with Arnie's climate change proposals, while Gordon Brown adds friends to Facebook and puts the final touches to his Twitter account.

If you want to do some background reading on Gordon Brown, have a look at his official profile on 10 Downing Street's website.

Suffice to say there are a few dubious Gordon Browns emerging online. WebTwitcher has high hopes for whoever (if, indeed, it is not Gordon) is behind his Twitter and for the unofficial profile you could always check out his Facebook accounts, of which there are more than two, this one perhaps the real one? Please confirm someone!

Suffice to say, the ministers appear to be scrabbling around for friends on social networks now. David Miliband (Milibandwidth to his Facebook friends) seems to be doing rather well.

It's interesting to see how the government is adopting some of the emerging online trends and trying to use them as part of their respective campaigns. The YouTube efforts didn't seem to set the world on fire, but maybe over time they'll be able to develop some of these tools to engage voters more.


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