Told ya so

We said it wouldn't last. Yesterday we told you that T-Mobile were reducing the 'fair use' limit on their all-you-can-eat mobile broadband to a measly 500MB. 'We predict a user revolt when these changes go through next month, followed by T-Mobile changing their minds,' we intoned wisely.

Well, we were wrong - it didn't happen next month, it happened today! After less than 24 hours, T-Mobile has turned tail and run away from a firestorm of consumer and blogger annoyance. They are still cutting the allowance - but only for new customers. Those who are already on T-Mobile and enjoying the 3GB limit get to keep it... unless they upgrade.

Will that be the end of it? Probably, but we still reckon this is just the beginning of years of trouble as the mobile networks struggle to keep up with growing data use. Ah, the perils of being a massively profitable mobile network... hard life...

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