Today's Ofcom report sheds light on how we communicate

Excellent reading material from industry body Ofcom this morning, in the form of their latest report on the electronic communications industry.

The overview given in the report highlights that we spend 50 hours per week on the phone, on the internet, watching television or listening to the radio. Average daily internet use in 2006 (which was set at 36 minutes) was up 158% on 2002 and time spent on the mobile phone (almost 4 minutes per day) was up 58%.

The stats indicating downhill trends included time spent watching TV which was down 4% at 3 hours and 36 minutes. Radio was also down 2% at 2 hours and 50 minutes and time spent on a fixed line phone was down 8% at 7 minutes.

The mobile stats were also noteworthy. 41% of mobile phone users regularly use their phone as a digital camera and 13% use it for internet access. In 2006 mobile users in the UK sent 20% more texts than the previous year with an average of 12 text messages per mobile per week, so texting is still as popular as ever. Will be interesting to see how this figure is effected by increasing use of the mobile web. Even Orange cinema ads are now promoting using email rather than text (WebTwitcher noted this while watching Transformers, which was surprisingly good).

For the full report, have a look at Ofcom's website for more details.

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