'To every lock there's a key'

Sony has had something of a tough week. The PS3 has been subjected to a very skilful hack which has relieved some PS3 owners of their hard-earned dosh. The hackers managed to break through the encrypted networks of the online service PlayStation Network to plunder credit card details of many PS3 owners.

Since then Sony has shut down PSN, and has recently said that some of its services will be back online by Tuesday. However, in the latest issue of Official PlayStation magazine, outgoing Sony Computer Entertainment UK boss Ray Maguire said that they were already the target of vandals, in an interview held some weeks before the security breach.

‘We're working on that whole issue,’ he said. ‘Right from the very beginning we knew that people stealing product and basically vandalising what we were trying to do was going to be an issue. And we will work to combat it... These people are vandals, so of course it's very, very damaging.

‘It's been phenomenally secure, but like everything - to every lock there's a key. So there's always some people who see that as a challenge. But unfortunately it doesn't help anyone and it just costs consumers money in the end.’

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