Tips on online dating

Online dating is no longer seen as a last resort for those looking for love. In fact, it’s a genuinely brilliant way of finding a partner. Obviously if you don’t present yourself in the right light or you don’t know how to use the sites very well, you won’t get much out of them which is why we’re prepared a list of tips on online dating that’ll make things easier for you.
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Whether you’re usingmatch.com, eharmony.co.uk, plentymorefish.com or any other site, make sure that your profile is short. Long profiles either say too much about you or they bore those who were interested in you. Leave something to talk about during the first date or when you start chatting online. Keep your profile short and intriguing and you’ll get more interest.


We all want to find The One but we don’t go about it very scientifically. Okay, there should be more emotion than intellect in our decision but you really should give it some thought. What exactly are you looking for? Work that out and then be very specific. Do you want someone who also wants kids or someone who also wants two kids? How far would you be willing to go for children? Is it so important that fertility treatment would be a must if you or your partner couldn’t get pregnant? If so, keep that in mind. Part of the process is to refine what you really want and expect from a relationship.


Again this sounds more technical than emotional but you really should keep score. Prioritising the traits that you want in a partner will make things easier for you. Creating a scoring system that allocates points to a given characteristic will help. As you won’t find the perfect person anywhere, you’ll need to compromise and a scoring system will allow you to do this easily.


Everything here is important but the top tip really is to pick the right sites. Don’t just put yourself on every site that’s popular right now. Research each and choose a small selection to become part of. Sites like match.com are ideal for those looking for a long term relationship, whereas Tinder tends to be populated by people looking for short-term love. It’s okay to be on 2 or 3 sites, but don’t go any further than that.

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