Tips for faster Wi-Fi

If your home Wi-Fi isn’t quick enough, there are ways you can speed it up. Stuff like slow speeds and bad reception can make using the web annoying so we’ll tell you how to avoid all those issues.


Tip 1

Our first tip is pretty obvious really but you’ll be surprised how many people don’t even consider this idea. Getting the most up to date hardware is the simplest way of having quick Wi-Fi speeds. Most of us never consider changing the equipment our internet service provider has sent us, but that’s exactly what you should do if you want the quickest broadband. There are several types of Wi-Fi router. You probably have Wireless A,B or G at the moment. The quickest ones are Wireless N and Wireless AC. Before you change to Wireless N, you will have to make sure your computer has a Wireless N card within it.

Tip 2

The location of your router really makes a major difference within large houses so don’t expect it to work at its optimum if you haven’t given this some thought. Put it out in the open away from walls and other obstructions. Elevate the router if you can (you might even find that the loft space is the ideal location). Place it as centrally as you can to get the signal all around the house.

Tip 3

Our third and final tip for faster Wi-Fi sounds pretty obvious but it’s not something that everyone does. If you secure you connection with a password, you stop other households in your area from using your connection. The more users sharing a connection, the slower it will be so make sure only you and your family are sharing your broadband.

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