Tiny genius

We love the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch here at Digitaledge. But we'll admit they do have their irritations, not least of which is the difficulty sometimes in getting files on and off the bloody things. Don't you sometimes wish you could just plug in a USB stick?

Well, now you can. The new PhotoFast i-FlashDrive is a stroke of genius - it has a USB connector on one end, flash memory in the middle, and an Apple 30-pin dock connector at the other end. Plug the USB end into your PC, load up with files, and then plug the dock connector end into your iDevice. Up pops a specially-made app - no jailbreak required! - which lets you browse and open the files on the flash memory, and put files from your device onto it.

It's simple and effective, and the device is small and simple. We're in love! Sadly, we can't get our hands on it yet - we don't live in Taiwan - but it should be showing its face in Europe in the Summer.

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