Time to simplify?

Look at your phone. Go on, look at it. Screen big enough? Try making a call. That's it, slide to unlock. Choose 'phone'. Choose keypad. Tap fruitlessly at screen until numbers appear. Click 'dial.' It's ringing. Hello? Oop! It's dropped the call.

Yes, you can surf the web, answer emails and tweet inanities - but don't you long for the days when our phones were better at, er, making calls? Maybe one of these new John's Phones is for you. As far as we know it's the simplest mobile phone you can buy.


doesn't text. It doesn't remember numbers - its 'address book' isn't a program, it's a little piece of paper on which you write numbers and store them in the back. That's not a stylus it comes with, it's a pen.

Fancy stepping back in time? Or maybe just keeping it around for emergencies - it's unlocked, and the battery lasts a whopping three weeks. Yours from €69.

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