Time, Gentlemen, Please

Between the iPad and iPhone, it's easy to forget about Apple's lesser-known products, but Cupertino is pretty pro-active about updating even the least famed of its products on a regular basis. Take the Time Capsule.

For those of you who don't know, Time Capsule is a wireless backup accessory for the Mac. It sits in your home with a big hard drive in it, and your Mac's files are automatically and wirelessly backed up to it. The price you pay for the funky wireless features, though, is considerable. While you can get a large external hard drive from Maplin for less than £100, the Time Capsule will set you back between £249 and £399, depending on the amount of stuff you need to be able to back up.

But at least the amount you can back up has increased. Apple just bumped the specs of its Time Capsule. The £249 model has increased its storage from 1 terabyte - that's 1000GB - to 2TB. The £399 model now boasts a whopping 3TB.

The Time Capsule also doubles as a wireless router, so if you're setting up a new network that'll save you, ooh, £20. Not really enough to justify the cost, but hey, you can't put a price on the peace of mind that comes from knowing you can lose your laptop without losing your precious files. Unless of course your laptop is stolen by a burglar who also steals your Time Capsule. Um.

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