Time for Google TV

Ah, Google. First you became our number-one search engine. Then you took over email, IM, and our mobile phones. Is there any aspect of the internet you don't control? I'm just going to go watch TV.

'Not so fast!' cry Google. 'You think you're safe in your living room? You're very much mistaken!'. There then proceeds several minutes of maniacal cackling.

You see, Google has set its sights on your TV. Google TV is its new project. It's software which manufacturers can build into TVs and set-top-boxes which lets you surf the web and watch online video from your sofa. It has a quite nifty search function, which lets you type in a programme and instantly search your hard drive and the internet (legal sources only, natch) for episodes.

This week Sony showed off the first Google TV product, the snappily-titled Sony Internet TV powered by Google TV. It's got a ridiculously overcomplicated controller, which we reckon will put people off, but it seems to work pretty well. Gizmodoand Engadgethave detailed reviews.

We reckon Google TV is going to be a hit eventually, but manufacturers will have to drive down prices and work a bit on the controller.

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