Time for a rethink

We find there's basically been two reactions to the iPad 2. Lots of people's initial reaction has been, essentially, 'meh.' After all, the iPad 2 isn't radically different to the iPad 1 - it's not a different shape and doesn't have a different-size or higher-resolution screen. (Never mind that it took three revisions before the iPhone got a retina display last year.)

But the really knowledgeable people in the industry seem to have realised that the sheer power and thin-ness of the iPad 2 make it a very impressive achievement. People like Lee Don-Joo, executive vice president at Apple's rival Samsung. Samsung is preparing a direct rival to the iPad 2, in the form of the Galaxy Tab 10.1, a larger brother to last year's 7-inch Galaxy Tab. But in the wake of the iPad 2's unveiling, a surprisingly frank Lee admits Samsung may have to rethink some aspects of their new tablet. 'We will have to improve the parts that are inadequate,' Lee told Yonhap news agency in Korea. 'Apple made it very thin.'

As well as perhaps tightening up the hardware, Samsung may have to look again at the price. 'The 10-inch (tablet) was to be priced higher than the seven-inch but we will have to think that over,' Lee said. The original Galaxy Tab was criticised for being too expensive.

All in all, it's becoming clear that Apple's rivals are going to have trouble competing on price as well as specs with Jobs & Co. Perhaps that's because Apple can subsidise iPads with the 30% cut on all those App Store items...

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