Tim Bernier-Lee is anti-Phorm

Phorm’s been getting a pretty bad press lately. With protesters up in arms and TalkTalk deciding on the opt-in system, it seemed that everyone had had their say.

But now we have the final word. Father of the internet, genius and all-round amazing guy Sir Tim Berniers-Lee has spoken. So listen up, Phorm! Show some respect!

Sir Tim spoke to the BBC today about his concerns with web tracking. The guy is protective of his search history: “It’s mine,” he said. “You can’t have it.”

We love Sir Tim. He invented the world wide web back in 1989, and in doing so gave us all our most useful tools and our favourite toy.

But really, his dislike of Phorm is not news. The web was created by academics for free and easy sharing of information, not for commercial purposes. If Sir Tim had come out on Phorm’s side we would have suspected brainwashing, blackmail or alien abduction.

In another shocking development, Google has publicly said they would disapprove of a Microsoft-Yahoo! merger.

Wow. We’d never have guessed.

(Image: from The Alieness Gisela Giardino’s flickr stream)

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