You know what they say: there's an iPhone app for everything. Until now the most innovative we'd heard was the Cannabis App which pointed users in the direction of their local legal coffee shop. But the TigerText is the new cherry on the, er Apple cake.

Shamelessly riding on the popularity of the tabloid scandal of the decade, the TigerText app erases text messages on command after they have been sent. Recipients are offered the option of downloading the app for free. Texts can be set to vanish after a specific time or immediately after reading because they are stored on the TigerText server rather than the phone itself. How annoying for Vernon Kay and Ashley Cole, eh?

Sigma the company behind the app explains: 'Tigers are notoriously difficult animals to track. TigerTexts are difficult to track as well. Ninety-nine percent of what people want to keep private has nothing to do with cheating on a spouse or doing anything illegal. How many times have you sent someone a text message and told them after they read it to delete it? Text messages are conversations with another person; the problem is they live forever. I thought it would be great if messages would self-destruct in 60 seconds…When the message is gone from us, it's gone.'

But just in case you thought that TigerText had anything to do with the libidinous golfing Tiger, don't. It's just a happy coincidence:

'I understand part of the reason people want to talk about it today is because of the name but this is not about people trying to cheat. If you send a private text message it should stay private.'

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