The Tiger electric bike

If you are thinking about getting a new bicycle then maybe you should check out the Tiger electric bike. Tiger are one of the leading bicycle manufacturers and this is all thanks to their great products and their low cost.

Thanks to the internet, Tiger cycles have become big in the UK. You still have to order them from overseas but they have made it quick, easy and cheap to do so.

If you are considering an electric bike then we suggest you check out the Tiger Ontario. The Ontario is Tiger's electric offering and it is truly a notch above many others in the market.

It has a 24V / 8.5Ah NiMH battery with a charge time of about 6 hours. It can run 15 to 25km before you will have to charge again. Thanks to the low step through lightweight alloy 17" frame and the high speed 200W brush motor, you can get a nice bit out of this bike.

As with any electric the idea is to cycle and then use bursts of the motor for hills. If you use this technique you will be able to get hours out of the battery.

Last but not least it comes finished in polished aluminium, mudguards, a basket and Rear carrier. As you can see, you will be fully geared up with accessories so there is no need to buy extras.

Most electric bikes cost in the thousands. You can buy this from Tiger's official website for only £699 - and you'll not find a better price than that anywhere online, so be sure to hit up their website.

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