Three's the one

The Chromebook revolution might have only just been announced, but details are coming thick and fast. On Tuesday we saw the first two Chrome OS computers, laptops by Samsung and Acer, as well as a preview of a desktop 'Chromebox' by Samsung. Now, we've heard a bit about the UK launch.

Quirky mobile network Three - known for both smartphones and being vaguely budget - have stepped forward as the provider of data services for those who buy their Chromebook in a 3G variety. And they've put together some reasonably compelling packages (oo-er) to support owners. Every buyer will get 3GB to use over the first three months, free, when they buy their computer; additional GBs will cost £10 each per month. That's not notably better than you'd get through a broadband dongle, but it's not notably worse.

No word yet on exactly how much Chromebooks will cost when they're released over here, but we know when they'll be available: June 15.

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