Three Mobile Phone Company Review

The Three mobile phone company is the newest mobile provider in the UK. They bridged the gap in the market as one of the first providers to offer a comprehensive deal on internet usage and provided more free minutes than texts on its contract deals, but their reviews aren't always as glowing as their deals.

Three mobile phone company is one of the cheapest in the country for a reason. There have been a few problems posted by users across the internet, such as:

  • Limited connectivity. This is a common problem associated with Three, which is why they offer more minutes than any other provider on their contract for a cheaper price. It's not impossible to get a signal on a Three phone and many perform quite well, but the quality of signal is certainly not as high as other providers. If you live in a remote area it's virtually impossible to get more than two bars on your phone, so stay well away from Three if you struggle to get a full signal on any other provider in your area.
  • Unhelpful customer service. Many Three call centres are located in India and UK customers often find this frustrating as staff can't understand their issues. There have also been reports of very rude customer service staff working at call centres and difficulty resolving pricing issues with Three, as well as their inability to come to an agreement on billing issues.
  • Pushy sales person. Many customers have reported being told dishonest sales information about their price plan or other issues, but this can be avoided if the contract is kept and all information given about the phone is provided on paper. As with any phone company you should never take the salesman's word as a contract and should opt to read you contract thoroughly before purchase and take up all issues on the basis of a breach of contract, not a breach of promise by the salesman.

However, the Three mobile phone company is consistently ranked as the cheapest in the UK, particularly for free internet usage and call plans. They also offer rolling contracts for PDAs, tablets and portable devices at £7.50 a month for unlimited usage. As far as signal goes the company has no problems providing 3G connectivity, which is why most customers go to Three for their roaming internet usage and not for calling.

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