Those other SonyEricssons

By now, you know all about the 'PlayStation phone', officially known as the SonyEricsson Xperia Play. You know what it looks like, its specs, and the kind of games it'll run (ie: not the games of the new PSP2, officially called the NGP).

But with all the fuss about the pocket gaming rocket, you might have missed that SonyEricsson have a bunch of other great new Android phones coming out this year too. One we've already heard a little bit about is the Xperia Arc; and this week they've also revealed the Xperia Neo and the Xperia Pro.

So, what's the deal? Well, the Arc and Neo are both touch-screen slates, but the signs are the Arc is a bit posher than the Neo, with an ample 4.2-in screen. But the one getting us excited is the Pro, for it's packing something too few Android handsets have offered so far: a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Yes, we've got to admit, we're suckers for a real button keyboard and we're glad to see the makers of the legendary P900 tackling this form factor.

Of course, we don't know yet if all these phones will make it to Europe, but yeah, probably. We'll let you know when we know...

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